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MAXIBOR 21, 20 kg (5775)

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3003 грн
20 kg
Boron (B);
Molybdenum (Mo).


This micronutrient is applied for foliar small-drop fertilization in the form of an aqueous solution alone or together with a solution of magnesium sulfate, urea or other microfertilizers it also may be mixed with any pesticide with proved compatibility. The prepared solution should be applied right after its preparation


Crops                                                              Phase and norms of application

Winter and spring rapeseed   Formation of leaf rosette 0,5-1 kg/ha  
Stem formation 0,5-1 kg/ha 
Budding 1kg/ha
Sugar beet         
4-8 leaves 0,5-1 kg/ha          
10-12 leaves 0,5-1kg/ha

4-6 leaves 0,5-1 kg/ha   
8-10 leaves 0,5-1kg/ha   
Closing of rows 1-1,5 kg/ha
4-6 leaves 0,5-1 kg/ha     
8-10 leaves 0,5-1 kg/ha

Soybean, beans     
Before blooming 0,5-1 kg/ha    
After blooming 0,5-1 kg/ha

 Closing of rows 1-2 kg/ha      
Budding 1-2 kg/ha

2-3 weeks after planting seedlings 1 kg/ha         
Before blooming 1 kg/ha

Winter and spring cereals   
Tillering 0,5-1 kg/ha   
Shooting 0,5-1 kg/ha   
Flag leaf 0,5-1 kg/ha
Fruit trees and bushes   
Before blooming 1 kg/ha    
Petal fall period 1 kg/h    
2 weeks after blooming 1 kg/ha


- Highly concentrated boron microfertilizer enriched with molybdenum contains a record amount of boron - 20.8%. The crystalline form and high water solubility contribute to convenient to store and use of fertilizer.

-        -  Allows you to get high yields and protect plants from boron deficiency (core rot and root rot of beets, cracking of the root collar of rape, low sugar content, poor tying of flowers and fruits, sterility of pollen, pod fall, necrosis, etc.).

-    - The molybdenum content improves the use of nitrogen and has a positive effect on the process of pollen formation and seed binding.