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ECOLIST MONO Zinc, 20 l (0625)

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2080 грн
20 l
Nitrogen (N);
Sulfur (S);
Zinc (Zn), chelated EDTA.


This micronutrient is appliedf or foliar (leaf) fertilization. The microfertilizer is applied to the leaf surface of the plant in the form separately or together with the solution of urea, magnesium sulfate or other micronutrients such as Maximus Extra P, Maximus Extra PK,  Ecolist Mono calcium, Ecolist Mono Copper, Ecolist Mono Manganese; it also may be mixed with any pesticide with proved compatibility. The prepared solution should be applied right after its preparation. 


Crops                                                                           Phase and norms of application

4-6 leaves 1-3 l/ha        
8-10 leaves 1-3 l/ha
Winter and spring cereals          
Tillering 1-2 l/ha        
Shooting 1-2 l/ha
4-6 leaves 1-2 l/ha       
8-10 leaves 1-2 l/ha
Sugar beet           
4-8 leaves 1-2 l/ha          
10-12 leaves 1-2 l/ha
Closing of rows 1-2 l/ha       
Budding 1-2 l/ha
Soybean, beans          
Before blooming 1 l/ha            
After blooming 1l/ha
Fruit trees and bushes       
Before blooming 1 l/ha   After blooming 1l/ha


- Zinc chelate for foliar feeding of corn, legumes, vegetables, fruits, grapes, hops, as well as sunflower and cereals.

- Increases the resistance of plants to adverse weather factors (especially early frosts), participates in the synthesis of chlorophyll and vitamins, improves the absorption of phosphorus. With increasing doses of phosphorus nutrition, the need for zinc also increases.

- Plants respond to zinc deficiency by dwarfism and leaf chlorosis, and corn has broad pale yellow streaks on both sides of the leaf. Growth is slowed down due to the reduction of internodes, reduced graininess of the cobs, or they do not tie at all.