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HELIOPOTASSE Potassium Sulfate, 25 kg (6430)

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1625 грн
25 kg
50%Potassium oxide (K2O), water soluble
18%Sulfur trioxide (SO3), water soluble

Concentrated, chlorine free, potassium fertilizer. It is completely and quickly soluble. Crystalline form is convenient to use, and well- soluble forms of potassium and sulfur ensure their quick absorption by plants.

May be used separately or together with plant protection products or other fertilizers, such as: Maximus Extra P, Maximus Extra PK, Ecolist Mono Bor, Ecolist Mono Manganese, Ecolist Mono Copper, Ecolist Mono Zinc.


Crops                                                       Phase and norms of application

Winter and spring cereals                
Tillering 3-5 kg/ha          
Shooting 3-5 kg/ha
Winter and spring rapeseed        
Formation of leaf rosette 3-5 kg/ha    
Stem formation 0,5-1 kg/ha
Sugar beet                           
4-8 leaves 3-5 kg/ha          
10-12 leaves 3-5/ha
4-6 leaves 3-5 kg/ha      
8-10 leaves 3-5kg/ha
4-6 leaves 3-5 kg/ha        
8-10 leaves 3-5 kg/ha
Soybean, beans                             
1-3 trifoliate leaves 3-5 kg/ha        
Budding 3-5 kg/ha
Closing of rows 3-5 kg/ha      
Budding 3-5 kg/ha
Vegetables       2-3 treatments in critical phases of development

Fruit trees and bushes       
Before blooming 5-8 kg/ha         
After blooming 5-8 kg/ha

Application during watering (fertigation):

In greenhouses: 0.05% - 0.5% (0.5-5 kg / 1000 l of water)

In the open ground: 0.1% - 0.2% (1-2 kg / 1000 l of water)

  • Contains a large amount of sulfur and potassium in a chlorine-free sulfur form.
  • Has a high solubility. It is used on any agricultural crops of open and protected ground on the leaf and through fertigation, especially sensitive to chlorine (buckwheat, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, grapes).