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SOLU-SOP Potassium sulfate, 25 kg (6430)

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294 грн
25 kg
Potassium oxide (K2O), water soluble;
Sulfur trioxide (SO3), water soluble.


Concentrated, chlorine free, potassium fertilizer. It is completely and quickly soluble. Crystalline form is convenient to use, and well- soluble forms of potassium and sulfur ensure their quick absorption by plants.

May be used separately or together with plant protection products or other fertilizers, such as: Maximus Extra P, Maximus Extra PK, Ecolist Mono Bor, Ecolist Mono Manganese, Ecolist Mono Copper, Ecolist Mono Zinc.


Crops                                                       Phase and norms of application

Winter and spring cereals                
Tillering 3-5 kg/ha          
Shooting 3-5 kg/ha
Winter and spring rapeseed        
Formation of leaf rosette 3-5 kg/ha    
Stem formation 0,5-1 kg/ha
Sugar beet                           
4-8 leaves 3-5 kg/ha          
10-12 leaves 3-5/ha
4-6 leaves 3-5 kg/ha      
8-10 leaves 3-5kg/ha
4-6 leaves 3-5 kg/ha        
8-10 leaves 3-5 kg/ha
Soybean, beans                             
1-3 trifoliate leaves 3-5 kg/ha        
Budding 3-5 kg/ha
Closing of rows 3-5 kg/ha      
Budding 3-5 kg/ha
Vegetables       2-3 treatments in critical phases of development

Fruit trees and bushes       
Before blooming 5-8 kg/ha         
After blooming 5-8 kg/ha

Application during watering (fertigation):

In greenhouses: 0.05% - 0.5% (0.5-5 kg / 1000 l of water)

In the open ground: 0.1% - 0.2% (1-2 kg / 1000 l of water)


- Has a high content of potassium and sulfur in a form of non-chlorine sulfate;

- Has high solubility characteristics. Is applied for all crops on both open and covered fields foliarly and by fertigatio  is recommended for all crops, especially the ones which are sensitive to chlorine ( buckwheat, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, grapes);

- It’s a highly-effective fertilizer of the European quality. The manufacturer is the German company K+S Kali - one of the leading producers of potassium fertilizers.