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Soil Audit

Soil audit is not only the soil analysis. It’s a complex, independent opinion that allows to perform the quality soil diagnostics quickly.

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Soil audit is a comprehensive independent assessment that allows you to conveniently, efficiently and quickly carry out soil diagnostics. Makosh offers automatic soil sampling and analysis of your sample.

How the automatic soil sampling works:
  1. you call
  2. get a consultation
  3. coordination of the selection grid with routes and prices
  4. planned departure of the car to the enterprise
  5. providing the results of agrochemical analysis

Soil audit from MAKOSH

How your sample is analyzed:
  1. you call
  2. get a consultation
  3. take a soil sample yourself
  4. send us soil samples
  5. providing the results of agrochemical analysis

How to collect samples yourself


AUTOMATIC SELECTION WITH GPS LINKAGE We use a "Ford Ranger" car with an automatic sampler
THEMED FIELDS MAPS We form cartograms with support areas for each element of the study
SOIL ANALYSIS Carried out in the American laboratory "A & L Great Lakes Laboratories ", which examines acidity, humus and available forms of nutrients: N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S, Zn, B, Cu, Mn, Fe, Na
RECOMMENDATIONS Agronomists-experts provide the calculation of fertilization rates for the planned harvest
Soil hardness measurement with GPS We use an automatic penetrometer based on the Ford Ranger SUV
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