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Tips for the farmer

WONDER: fertilizers that unleash the potential of your plants
WONDER is a Ukrainian manufacturer of mineral fertilizers and foliar fertilizers using modern technologies..
Calcium nitrate for plants
With improper nutrition, plants become vulnerable to infectious diseases. How to avoid these troubles with Calcium Nitrate with "MAKOSH"..
Wintering of winter crops
One of the important indicators of the formation of the future yield of winter crops is their overwintering or overwintering of winter crops...
Magnesium sulfate: types, dosage, application features in Ukraine
Magnesium sulfate is a valuable source of sulfur and magnesium. It is especially highly effective for those cultures that experience an acute shortage of these elements for full development...
Ammonium sulphate for plants
Ammonium sulfate, its effect on the productivity of agricultural plants. Application rates and effect of ammonium sulfate on soils...
Physical se Top 5 best fertilizers for winter rapeseed
Physical se Top 5 best fertilizers for winter rapeseedFeatures of cultivation and nutritionToday, winter rapeseed is one of the most popular agricultural crops. Moreover, this crop is an excellent pr..
The importance of nutrients for fruit and berry crops
Features of feeding fruit and berry crops Berry crops - bush, semi-bush and herbal plants that produce edible fruits - berries (strawberries, strawberries, black currants, raspberries, gooseberries, w..
Sunflower is one of the main oilseeds of agriculture in Ukraine.
Sunflower is one of the main oilseeds of agriculture in Ukraine.Today Ukraine ranks third in the world in terms of the sown area of ​​this crop. To ensure high-quality growth and development of thi..
Treatment of plants with micronutrient fertilization with boron
The value of boron for plantsA lot can be said about the importance of boron in the mineral nutrition of plants. However, the following can be said unequivocally, boron plays a significant role in ..
Nitrogen fertilizers: basic forms, types and features of their application
Nitrogen is one of the most important macronutrients found in every part of the plant. It is he who is an important component of chlorophyll, which gives plants their green color. Nitrogen is easily w..
How to choose mineral fertilizers for potatoes
Potatoes are one of the most important agricultural crops. Today it is difficult to imagine our life without this culture, since people use it in various directions. The potato tastes great and has ..
Corn is one of the main agricultural crops.
Corn is one of the main agricultural crops. It is very famous in the world for its high yield potential. Ukrainian farmers last year raised and harvested 28.959 tons of corn grain. As a result, Ukrain..
Soybean tillage
Processing of ґruntu with soybeansSoybeans are one of the most demanded and profitable agricultural crops on the Ukrainian market. The high demand is due to price factors: vegetable protein is much ch..
Soil cultivation for sowing sunflower
Soil cultivation for sowing sunflowerSunflower is considered a profitable oilseed crop in our fields. The process of forming the future harvest begins even before the seeds enter the soil.It is hi..
Winter rapeseed: features of cultivation and fertilization
Winter rapeseed: features of cultivation and fertilizationPreparing the soil for sowing winter rapeseedSoil preparation for sowing winter rape begins immediately after harvesting the predecessorThi..
Sugar beet: selection of seeds, soil - Makosh
Sugar beetToday we cannot imagine a day without a white and sweet product. In addition to the main product - sugar, from this crop we get raw materials for feeding animals - pulp, raw materials for th..
Foliar feeding of plants
Foliar feeding of plants is an effective tool in the fertilization program of any crop with an insufficient amount of elements. What is it for and when is foliar feeding carried out...