Tips for the farmer

PACKAGING: 500 кг, 50 кг kg
Granular superphosphate is a typical fertiliser that is applied before sowing. It should be mixed with soil on the depth of 10-15 sm. It doesn’t contain any components which limit seed sprouting, therefore enables sowing in the 2-4 days after the usage. On leas and past...
PACKAGING: 25 кг kg
Crystallic form provides easier application, and water-soluble forms of magnesium and sulphur ensure fast absorption of these elements by plants. Magnesium and sulphur (in oxide form) are well assimilated through the leaf area even at low temperature. It can be used sep...
PACKAGING: 500 кг kg
Modern complex granulated fertilizer MAKOSH MAGNEZOWY with micro elements Mn and Cu is specifically developed for a quick compensation of magnesium and sulphur deficiency. Due to application of this fertilizer, such qualitative indicators as oily appearance, sugar level...
PACKAGING: 20 кг kg
MAXIBOR 21 is a modern crystallized water-soluble fertilizer that is intended for foliar nutrition of many crops. The leading agronomists of the country apply the given fertilizer in a form of water solution. In practice the fertilizer is used in a form of mono solution...
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